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Launch of The Small Business Coach

We’re delighted to be able to announce the launch of our sister company, The Small Business Coach.

Since its inception, businesshands has been dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses improve their online presence. As a marketing agency however, that’s where our support ends but there’s always been a yearning to do more and help our clients become more.

And that’s where The Small Business Coach comes in. Through our sister company, we’ll be offering a range of comprehensive business support packages to give start-ups and SMEs the very best chance of success. From 15-minute “quick fix” sessions through to in-depth strategy reviews, we’ve put together a selection of support solutions which we hope will meet the needs of most, if not all start-up and small business owners.

To learn more about The Small Business Coach and the range of services we’ll be offering under the brand, please visit We welcome any feedback on the website or the services we’re offering.  Thanks