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Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy… done differently

Say the words marketing consultancy and images of pin-striped suits and tedious meetings come to mind. Disconnected individuals that want to tell you what you should do and then come back a month later and check that you’ve done it. Well that’s not us.

Our marketing consultancy is different. In fact, it’s not really consultancy at all. You can think of it as your time to utilise the knowledge and skills of a marketing and business expert to do whatever you like. Yep, that’s right – whatever you like. Think of it as an extra pair of hands in your organisation.

We could attend a meeting with you, help you host an event, write a business plan, do some research, provide some training, design a customer journey, write the perfect sales pitch email, provide you with guidance on your marketing strategy or even help you understand your business better. It’s up to you.

Typically, our marketing consultancy is bundled into 8 hour packages and these can be split into as many as 4 separate sessions or tasks providing real value for money.

Need more than an 8-hour bundle?

Perhaps you’re looking for a helping hand one day per week or even someone for a couple of weeks to cover a holiday period. That’s not a problem and we can help there too. The first step is to pick up the phone and talk to us on 0207 458 4788 or alternatively, fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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