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Marketing Strategy & Planning

So you have a fantastic product or service and perhaps a dazzling new website to boot… but how do you get potential customers to take notice? Now is the time to put a marketing strategy in place and this is where our strategically-minded marketing experts come into their own.

Understanding your audience

You’ll probably have a good idea of your audience already, but we’ll go deep under the skin to understand what they’re really like. We’ll do anything and everything to find out your customer pain points, their motivations, their objectives, where they hang out and what makes them tick. We’ll use this information to build the backbone of your strategic marketing plan.

Understanding your competitors

But it’s not all about your audience. We need to understand what the market is doing? Who are your competitors, what is their message and what tactics do you need to put in place to make sure you’re ahead of the game?

Understanding yourself

Sounds deep doesn’t it – but actually it’s very difficult for anyone that has been intimately involved in designing and developing a product to take an objective view of what’s on offer. We’ll help you to understand the strengths of your product and how this plays to the needs of your target consumers. But we’ll also shine a light on possible weaknesses and provide insight into how your competitors have overcome this and how it’s possible for you to turn this around to your advantage.

Putting a plan together

Having a well-researched, strategic plan in place will provide your organisation with great foundations to grow and succeed. Now all you need is an amazing team that can put it into action. Oh wait – that’s us too. Want to know more? Contact us today on 0207 458 4788 or fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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